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Virovis is a market leading platform for seamless emissions data identification, management, and benchmarking. Designed for stakeholders looking to succeed in their emissions performance strategy.

Connecting a fragmented system with no interoperability


Agency who publishes emission factors based on generation fuel source

Regulator who  collates  industry reported consumption

Industry consumer who manually tracks energy consumption in-house

Capturing emissions in a network with rapidly changing energy generation mix

Current methodology in emissions reporting do not consider how increases in renewables impacts the emissions intensity over the course of a day.

Whilst this introduces additional complexity, it will be a necessary step in the transition to a highly renewable power system.

Flow Power

Current methodology has a data collection lag of up to three years, unreasonably exaggerating Scope 2 emissions.

A solution is needed to consider dramatic hour on hour changes in emissions intensity depending on the output of variable renewable energy.

Australian Energy Council

Current emission factors are still restricted to an annual basis.

The increased renewable generation is changing the behavior of the consumption of electricity. Annual emission factors do not reflect the change in behavior and therefore the impact it has on Scope 2 emissions.

Origin Energy

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